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Confined Space Rescue Training

Depend on Texas Rope Rescue for industrial rescue, confined space rescue and OSHA compliance classes. Our company provides a variety of industrial rescue training to clients throughout the United States.

Rescue Training
Our job is to get the rescuer to the patient and get the patient to the back of the ambulance by balancing efficiency with speed. Even with new technology, equipment, and techniques, safety must always be paramount. Download a detailed course outline* for more information.

Industrial Training—Aimed at the unique topography and hazards present at most industrial sites, we provide industrial training to your employees at your company site. 

Rescue, Confined Space Rescue in Nordheim, TX

Confined Space—Our confined space training opportunities are customized to meet your needs to include compliance to local, state and federal standards

Tower Rescue—Learn about tower safety and the unique rescue needs required for tower rescue. This includes cell phone and communication towers (guy wired and free standing) as well as transmission towers (open-web and wooden pole).

Over-the-Wall—This comprehensive class covers safe techniques required in bosum chair use in conjunction with basic self-rescue skills and safety rigging. Our class is ANSI I-14 and ISO 22846 compliant.

OSHA—Although our curriculum is compliant with OSHA and MSHA standards, we are able to work with you to provide curriculum that is compliant to another standard (CAL-OSHA for example).

Technical Rescue—NFPA 1006 addresses individual skills required to perform the rescues in the different disciplines. NFPA 1670 addresses how the team responds as a whole in the different disciplines within their response area.

Rope Rescue—This is the foundation for all technical rescues when the patient is at a different level than rescuer access and/or transport to a medical facility. Our curriculum is compliant to NFPA, OSHA, MSHA, and other standards.

Wilderness—Our curriculum in wilderness applications include Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness Rescue, and Wilderness Search and Rescue.

iPhone®/iPad® Apps
Texas Rope Rescue has several apps available for keeping track of assets while mitigating emergencies.

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