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Industrial Rescue and Confined Space Rescue Training Courses

The best setting for professional rescue training is your own facility. If it's going to happen, it's going to happen there.

Texas Rope Rescue provides custom-designed, on-site rescue, safety, and rope rescue training using practical applications in confined space rescue, industrial rescue, and other disciplines in technical rescue.  Texas Rope Rescue takes pride in the practical-based, scenario-based training designed to meet the client's specific needs.

Ensure your team is prepared with industrial rescue training from Texas Rope Rescue with custom on-site classes to ensure that your company’s emergency rescue team is ready when they are needed.

We are ISNetworld qualified and registered with DISA.  Instructors have SafeLand, SafeGulf and TWIC.

Our confined space and industrial rescue classes are geared towards emergency rescue teams. We understand most team members are actually operators, chemists, mechanics for example, taxed with the responsibility of providing your on-site rescue needs.  Our classes are structured to introduce rescue techniques and skills in a "building block" fashion. Each new "block" reinforcing the previous so that the skills required for performing confined space and industrial rescues are maintained.

On-Site Rescue Classes
Master the basics with our simple approach. Because most industrial rescue team members are not professional rescuers, the idea of having to perform a rescue is the furthest thought from their daily responsibility. In times of stress, a person cannot effectively read nor do math. Because of this, rescue must be second-nature, not trusted to a flip book or manual.









Why Choose Us?
Whether you require industrial rescue, permitted confined space rescue, NFPA compliance or OSHA compliance classes, each class is designed to meet your specific needs. Classes concentrate on Mastering the Basics.  Other industrial and safety-related classes are available. 

With Texas Rope Rescue traveling to the site, there are no traveling expenses incurred by employees.  Also, class times are scheduled around client's needs.

Give your rescue team members the opportunity to have custom-made, quality, on-site rescue training - with the most up-to-date, standard business practice training available

Industrial rope rescue training

 All instructors have real-world experience to provide team organization and interaction.

 Business History
All of our instructors are firefighters who began teaching people who were coming on the job. The owner decided to open this company in order to provide high quality, retainable and reproducible rescue training to industrial clients.








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We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training"
~ Archilochus

No truer statement regarding
Rescue Training


Rescue Equipment
Although we do not sell equipment, we do have a full rescue equipment training cache. You are welcome to try a piece of equipment to see if it is applicable to your company’s rescue needs.

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